At Vincent-Pope Tutoring, we are now offering Uniform Bar Exam preparation classes for the upcoming UBE Bar Exam. 

Our Bar Exam preparation course is run by Judy Vincent-Pope, a licensed attorney in North Carolina, who has successfully passed the North Carolina Bar Exam, the Belgian Bar Exam, and the UK Lawyers' Exam. She became licensed to practice in Belgium in 2000, in North Carolina in 2003, and in the UK in 2014.  In addition to over 20 years of teaching experience, Judy has considerable experience in Bar Exam techniques and strategies to improve your essay writing 
MEE, MBE, and MPT scores. 

UBE: Uniform Bar Exam
MBE: Multistate Bar Exam
MEE: Multistate Essay Exam

MPT: Multistate Performance Test
MPRE: Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam

Whether you are a first-time Bar Exam taker or re-taking the Bar Exam, feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you pass the Bar Exam.
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