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Hours after China hit the US with new tariffs, the President tweeted that duties on $550 billion worth of Chinese products would be increased

Stocks close sharply lower after Trump-fueled selloff
Volatile trading rocked the Dow on Friday, after President Donald Trump responded to new retaliatory tariffs from China and criticized the US Federal Reserve.

Opinion: Trump's trade war with China will be worth the fight

Trump makes powerless demand of US companies
President Trump tweeted that US companies were "hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China," despite the fact he has no power to do so.

Analysis: Trump can't just 'hereby order' whatever he wants
President Donald Trump has a lot of power to make things happen in this country. He can move economic markets with a single tweet. He can destroy a Republican's political career on a whim (see "Flake, Jeff"). He can declare national emergencies -- even if they aren't actual national emergencies.

This is the worst case scenario for the US-China trade war
CNN's Christine Romans explains why analysts think the trade war could cause a global recession.

See the products hit by a new round of Chinese tariffs
China on Friday unveiled tariffs on another $75 billion worth of US goods, the latest escalation in the trade war between the two countries. The additional tariffs of 5% or 10% will be levied on 5,078 products, including soybeans, coffee, whiskey, seafood and crude oil.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated for pancreatic cancer
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been treated for pancreatic cancer in New York City, the Supreme Court announced Friday.

In latest sign of turmoil, NRA loses 3 lawyers
In the latest sign of turmoil at the National Rifle Association, three lawyers representing the gun-rights organization are out following departures from other top officials and several board members.

Felix Sater was informant for feds on mob and bin Laden, docs reveal
Felix Sater -- the Trump Organization contact who pushed for a Moscow development project and Mueller investigation witness -- was a decade ago a federal government informant to "a depth and breadth rarely seen" against Russian and American mobsters, fraudsters, cyber-criminals and even Osama bin Laden, according to newly unsealed court filings on Friday.